I’m sure you agree, that we cannot continue living in a world where (specially in health trends) we create demand for wellness and at the same time contradict ourselves by influencing consumer purchasing decision around a component that is killing our beautiful world. Help us protect our oceans and set the change and attitude around single use plastic, one simple, yet life changing decision at a time!

(Disclaimer: All products suggested on this blog, are personal opinions and have not been gifted)


1: Plastic free shopping:



This simple and easy transition will not only save you £££ but will also facilitate heavy loads of shopping without the annoying plastic bag, breakage scenario! If you have a car keep a bunch stacked inside one another in the boot, and if not keep one or two compact bags in your bag. NO EXCUSES, there are plenty of options that turn into tiny little pouches that take up no space.

Here are some we like:



The key here is; pre-planning goes a long way! As long as you give yourself some time to do a shopping list, you’ll be able to pick the quantity of jars/food containers that you will need to restock and stick to the plan! If you’re anything like me, I have a tendency of grabbing things as I go through the supermarket, that honestly, I really don’t need! Shopping with a purpose will help you stay on track and not over spend unnecessarily! We understand that carrying glass containers around is not the most ideal scenario but buying in bulk will save you having to do it too often! Check out Hetu for all your dry goods and cheeky treats too! And/or shop at your local farmers market


  • Other options like ordering from Abel & Cole is another easy alternative for minimal waste grocery shopping. They provide organic and locally sourced produce and although they have a little bit of plastic, they suggest you keep it and reuse it or place it back in your box and put it out so it can be collected on your next delivery. You can also opt out of having any produce that contains plastic packaging by choosing your products weekly.

Options we like:



2: Choose glass/stainless steel food storage containers

There are a few ways of incorporating this-



Instead of using take away plastic containers from your local restaurant or buying your lunch out and using the containers they provide, try and use your own. Stainless steel lunchboxes are durable, they don’t stain, and don’t seep toxins into your food! A win-win if you ask me?

Food containers we like:



Same concept as your lunchbox alternative, carry your own water bottle and remember water is free! Don’t be afraid to ask your coffee shop to fill it up for you + pass your coffee cup over the counter for them to do the same with your order.

A lot of coffee shops now also incentivize using your own reusable coffee mugs and will deduct a certain amount from your order, again don’t forget to ask! No harm in helping our environment.


Reusable containers we like:

On the go options:


Home Options:



This one is a follow on from reusable cups- Have you ever noticed the expiration date on bottled water? This date is in fact not the date for the water itself but rather for the plastic that surrounds it! Bottled water is not only bad for the environment but also not good for you and although some companies are no longer using BPA, they are unfortunately still using other chemicals and toxins that seep into the water you consume, especially for bottles that have been left in the sun, heat or simply used long term. GIVE THEM UP AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT…. And if you don’t have filters or other options, try and always choose glass!



3: Plastic Straws

Make a commitment to say no to plastic straws! When ordering a drink, politely ask for them to skip the straw. Realistically speaking we really don’t need them… The great thing is, most bars and restaurants have now joined the movement to completely remove these from their locations. Most of them now provide paper straws, even stainless-steel options or only provide them if the customer specifically asks for one, which is fantastic. The more we remove these from our daily lives, the more impact we will have with this movement.


Some of the reusable straws we like:




That’s right, chewing gum is made from plastic! PLUS it just stains our pavements.

Some of the natural chewing gums we like:

5: Avoid microbeads

You’ve probably heard the good news that the UK government announced a ban on microbeads. However, until this comes into play check the labels for more information, and avoid using products containing polyethylene (PE), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and nylon to name a few (ALL PLASTIC). These tiny little beads are normally found in body scrubs, shower gels, and toothpaste! Simply no need for them when natural ingredients like ground coffee, sugar + salt do a better job!

Some of the natural scrubs we like:


Why not get in contact and tell us/share what you do to live a plastic free life?!