Pure Spring Cleanse: Modern Science + Ancient Tradition

The Ultimate Cleanse: Modern Science + Ancient Traditions

When the seasons change, so do we. Our bodies need to adapt to the changing weather, substances in the air and changes all around. We recommend cleansing with the change of each season to help support the body and mind through healthy detoxing and ‘refuelling’.

With the unprecedented change Covid-19 has created this year, stresses are higher, we are spending more time indoors and are less active than usual. In thinking about the best support for the whole self, we’ve curated our unique Pure Spring Cleanse to support optimal health and well-being through this transition by combining our award winning Medicinal and Alkaline cleanses and including our new CBD Balance and Calm shots to further support immunity and help the body process stress.

Our Medicinal cleanse is rich in superfoods and adaptogens, helping the body adapt to stress. With Chaga and Reishi as key components, they offer incredible immune support due to their anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-stress properties. They can help to moderate the immune system if it becomes under or overactive and Chaga is also an excellent source of the antioxidant melanin, which is said to be effective for protecting and enhancing skin, eyes and hair.

Our Alkaline Cleanse is a powerhouse of raw green juices, that are high in minerals, vitamins and enzymes to help the body’s rejuvenation process. The juices are assimilated directly into the body providing rich nutrients and energy, whilst the important alkalising properties of the juices help to neutralise any acidic conditions, which many people suffer from.

Included in the cleanse is our CBD infused shots to help Balance and Calm the senses. The Balance shot, is bursting with pineapple, which is not just delicious, but contains the active ingredient Bromelain, which is said to help ease respiratory distress and inflammation associated with allergies. This alongside nettle leaf, which is associated with reducing the amount of histamine caused by allergies in the body, means it could be your best friend if you are an allergy sufferer. And if you are fortunate to not suffer from allergies, this shot is full of beneficial properties for everyone as it is packed with Vitamin C to help build up immune defense.

It’s the ultimate plan in cleansing, using modern science and ancient traditions. Expect to feel balanced, energised and transformed from the inside out.

Available in 3 and 5 day plans. Save up to £30 when ordered before 30 April 2020!  Click here to order

Beyond the Body:

As regular cleansers, we also deeply believe in the holistic power of detoxification for both mind and body and working with the flow of the natural environment. In addition to shedding winter lethargy, toxins and possibly weight, spring cleansing is equally about recognising the impermanence and constantly changing nature of life. When we look to the natural world, we see colour and life emerging. A cleanse allows to let go of old patterns, peel back layers and increase our vitality and connection to self. When detoxing, we can benefit from slowing down and finding stillness, giving our body a rest to recharge and heal. This, of course, can be challenging, but when we observe and surrender, we can move through the turbulence smoother.

It’s never been a better opportunity to open our hearts and minds and nourish ourselves on a deeper level. Feeling empowered from within, strengthening our immunity and becoming more resilient to our environment. Being present, mindful and centred is something we need more than ever to keep us going through these challenging times.

We’ve curated our Spring Cleanse with all of this in mind. Flooding our bodies with the rich goodness of essential vitamins + minerals, pre and probiotics, adaptogens and medicinal properties to help us be in the best physical and mental state possible, for ourselves and for our world.

Spring Cleanse Special: Save up to £30 when ordered before 30 April, 2020. 

Movement + Mindfulness
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