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At Purearth, we believe that in order to achieve your highest level of health and vitality, you first need to cleanse the body of impurities and built- up toxins. We’ve therefore created the most natural and pure packages, allowing you to totally rejuvenate from the inside. All of our juices, nut mylks, kefirs and tonics are certified organic, wild-crafted, and freshly- pressed to guarantee optimal nutrition. We also use adaptogenic herbs and purifying superfoods to allow for healing at a much deeper level.

Don’t worry if you’re new to cleansing or a cleansing- pro, we will be by your side every step of the way with support before, during and after your programme. We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience, so we’re happy to modify ingredients for your health or taste preferences.

Each experience is as unique as you are, and we’ll help you to peel back the layers and discover a refreshed, revived and improved you!

(All cleanses are available for 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 14 days)




(beginner level) From £65

Drink the colours of the rainbow and flood your body with nutrition! With a mix of leafy greens, root veggies and fresh fruits, this cleanse has been formulated to revitalise and re-boot your health, perfect for a first time cleanse. The colours will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face, and we’ve even added a nourishing soup to help get you through the colder months!

Benefits: Immune- Boosting, Beauty Enhancing, Detoxifying, Weight loss, Energy, Rejuvenation

Includes (500ml) : 1x daily green juice, 1x daily root vegetable juice, 1x daily nut mylk, 1x daily aloe tonic, 1x daily seasonal soup, 1x daily elixir shot, 1 kefir on completion of the cleanse. Plus: Purearth’s superfood greens, herbal teas, epsom salts baths* and activated coconut charcoal.





(Intermediate level) From £65

Purification in a bottle! Our Alkaline Cleanse is packed full of leafy green goodness, designed to promote deep- level detoxification. This super-green programme aims to supercharge your batteries and bring high levels of mental and physical vitality. It is perfect if you suffer from Candida or follow the 5:2 diet, as it is very low in fruit and doesn’t exceed 500 calories per day.

Alkaline Cleanse 1: Has no fruit whatsoever

Alkaline Cleanse 2: Has a very low amount of fruit

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Benefits: Low- glycaemic, Anti-inflammatory, Alkalising, Energy, Detoxification, Skin Health

Includes (500ml) : 3x daily green juices, 1x daily unsweetened nut mylk, 1x daily green tonic, 1x daily elixir shot, 1 kefir on completion of the cleanse. Plus: Purearth’s superfood greens, herbal teas, epsom salts baths and activated coconut charcoal.






(All levels) From £70

Our Medicinal Cleanse is designed to improve digestion, restore your natural energy, calm your senses and give you a sense of happiness and peace from within. This cleanse makes use of highly potent elixirs and is created using the roots, seeds and berries of various plants, alongside infusions and tonics, Ayurvedic herbs, and our signature cold- pressed juices.

Benefits: Longevity, Heart Support, Beauty, Vitality, Digestive- Aid, Vitality

Includes (500ml) : 1x daily green juice, 1x daily medicinal nut/ seed mylk, 1x daily afternoon nut milk, 1x daily miraculous tonic kefir, 1x daily elixir shot, 1x Chaga medicinal tea, 1 kefir on completion of the cleanse. Plus: Purearth’s superfood greens, herbal teas, epsom salts baths, and activated coconut charcoal.







From: £59.00 (All levels)

Ready for a seasonal change? This is a period when naturopaths promote deep autumnal cleansing! Here at Purearth, we are massive advocates of autumn/winter detoxing and think it is the most effective season to do so!

Our NEW broth cleanse is perfect for transitioning from Summer into the autumn/winter period. This warming broth cleanse is the perfect way to revive the body and mind, using certified organic, seasonal vegetables, herbs and superfoods that are carefully combined and tailored to your needs.

This cleanse programme is designed to completely purify and warm the bloodstream-

Benefits: Digestive Health, Immune Boost, Beauty, Mood, Weight loss, Increased Energy

Includes: 1x Hot Shot 60ml, 1x Green Morning Juice 500ml, 1x Midday Detox Broth 500ml (Lemongrass, Sea vegetables and Lime infused), 1x Afternoon Turmeric Nut milk 330ml, 1x Shot Stuff 60ml, 1x Evening Golden Broth 500ml (Turmeric, Chaga and Ginger infused), 1x Bedtime Broth 500ml, 1x Post Cleanse Sparkling Water Kefir 330ml

Plus: Superfood greens, Herbal teas, Epsom bath Salt, and Activated coconut charcoal powder




  • Hot Shot (ginger root, lemon, filtered water,cayenne pepper, honey, oil of oregano)
  • Shot Stuff (turmeric root, ginger, honey, filtered water, lime and black pepper oil)
  • What a Shottie (pomegranate, lemon, acai, dragon fruit, apple cider vinegar, goji berry)
  • Shot to Trot (coconut water, lime, raw cacao + adaptogen powder blend: maca, ginseng, chaga, guarana)
  • Probiotic Kefir:multi packs of 4 and 8 kefirs available
  • Liver Maintain Shake: Cleaning and supporting the liver is one of the most important and powerful approaches you can take to improve your health. Regularly cleansing the liver is a great way to maintain good health, youthfulness and vitality.
  • Healthy Hormones: If you are suffering with signs of a hormonal imbalance, our combination of specially formulated juices and Feminine Balance Therapy cream can be life- changing. The all-natural cream is a bio-identical progesterone cream, which has been shown to safely and effectively restore healthy progesterone levels, easing the symptoms associated with PMS, peri-menopause, and menopause.
  • Candida/ Parasite Cleanse (Only available with the Alkaline 1 – zero fruit Cleanse):

If you suffer from irritating niggles such as yeast infections, bloating, excess gas, chronic fatigue then may benefit from an advance probiotic multi-strain formula. These work to strengthen your digestive and immune system. Once harmony has been restored and good bacteria begin to flourish your concerns may vanish.

Purearth Candida cleanse: Receive a 10 day supply of 5 x 330ml Turmeric kefirs (1/2 bottle daily) + Diatomaceous earth powder, Bentonite clay/ Psyllium husk




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