Enjoy a mocktail or cocktail with probiotic benefits! 🍸

This Electric blue kefir is a gut-healthy version of a gin (or no gin) & tonic.

I don’t know about you but by about 5pm on a Friday evening with home schooling, a busy work schedule, and whole lot of Zoom calls we are just about ready for a drink!
We’ve made two delicious versions using our Lemon + Spirulina Water Kefir, so whether you’re going alcohol-free or you fancy something a little stronger, this easy peasy recipe will hit the spot! The non-alcoholic version can be enjoyed by all, even if you’re on a cleanse!

All you need is:
🍋Gin (optional)
🍋Water kefir (flavour optional)

Lovingly stir, pour into a martini glass, then sip back and enjoy!  💙