We state our products to be certified organic as all ingredients are sourced from farms utilising organic farming practises- free from the use of synthetic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers.

If a product is not known to be chemical-free, we will make this knowledge available. We value customers trust in the sourcing and use of our produce and can personally vouch for the integrity of the farmers and suppliers we do business with.

We are certified with the Soil Association.



Purearth Life Ltd understands that sometimes you need to postpone a programme or move it to a more convenient date. You may change your order 48 hours before we begin providing the services by contacting us. If your order is changed we will inform you of any changes to the price in writing.

You may cancel your order within 2 working days of placing it and all cancellations must be received no less than two working days before your start date. Cancellations need to be accepted by a member of our team via email or telephone.

Cancellations include postponement of a booking to a different date and changing the type of cleanse plan booked or the number of participants.

If you request that your order be cancelled, you must confirm this in writing.

If we accept your cancellation and you have already made payments to us, we’ll refund you the full amount within 7 working days or provide you with a credit note which will last 6 months from the day of notice.

We regret that we cannot offer any refund if you cancel after your start date.

You’ll not be able to cancel the order after we have begun providing the services. Refund requests due to medical issues may be considered at our discretion, based on written proof of condition from your doctor or medical professional.

Please note that we reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

We accept payment by credit or debit card via the website. We do not accept cheques or cash on delivery unless agreed in advance by a member of staff. If for any reason you do not wish to pay with a bank card, please get in touch and we can make arrangements for internet banking.

We may cancel or reschedule your order at any time before we begin the services in the case of an event out of our control, causes include, but are not limited to: power failure, internet service provider failure, fire, explosion, flood, storms, earthquakes, or other natural disaster.

Payment must be received in full before any order can be produced and dispatched to you.

We reserve the right to terminate our agreement with you if we are refused authority from your card issuer for payment. You agree to compensate us in full against any and all reasonable costs and expenses that we may incur in obtaining payments due from you that you have not made in accordance with your agreement with us.



Our organic, raw and cold-pressed juices are freshly made on-site, sealed, iced and then delivered to you as quickly as possible. They are unpasteurised and preservatives are not used. Please refrigerate all beverages until consumption according to our instructions, so they will remain fresh for 72 hours after delivery. If you do not store your juices according to our instructions or you do not begin your juices on the scheduled start date we cannot guarantee the freshness of your juices. Please inspect your box on arrival and make sure all products are in perfect condition.




You are responsible for inspecting your delivery when you receive it. If there are defects, you should notify us by calling or emailing us using the contact details our website. If you do not let us know within 3 hours of delivery, we reserve the right not to refund or replace your purchase.

We will begin providing the Services on the date specified in your order.

We will make every reasonable effort to complete the services on time and in accordance with your order. We cannot, however, be held responsible for any delays if an event outside of our control occurs: this includes traffic, road works, strikes, poor weather condition etc.

If the information you provide is delayed, incomplete or otherwise incorrect, we will not be responsible for any delay caused as a result. If additional work is required from us to correct or compensate for a mistake made as a result of incomplete or otherwise incorrect information that you have provided we may charge you a reasonable additional sum for that work.

In certain circumstances, for example where there is a delay in you sending us information required, we may suspend or cancel the services and will inform you of that suspension in writing.

In certain circumstances, for example where we encounter a technical problem, we might need to suspend the services in order to resolve the issue. Unless the issue is an emergency and requires immediate attention we will inform you in advance in writing before suspending the services.

You must, however, pay any invoices that you have already received from us by their due date(s).

If you do not pay us for the services as required, we may suspend the services until you have paid all outstanding sums due. If this happens, we will inform you in writing.