Join Gwen Stefani and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the A-list detox wagon with Purearth’s three-day Get Your Perk On cleansing crash course. The daily delivery of four vegetable juices, including kale, beetroot and coriander, left our tester more energised and less bloated.

Mail Online - Bella Blissett

Juice company Purearth is now offering what it calls a “healthy” coffee menu alongside its green juices with a chaga-charged coffee about to be added to the line-up. Chaga is a medicinal mushroom supposed to have healing properties.

London Evening Standard - Phoebe Luckhurst

The Purearth juice cleanse and detox is one of our favourites. Their juices are certified organic, cold-pressed and nutrient rich, and provide a bespoke cleanse. Cold-pressed drinks are great as they don’t lose any of their nutrients, which allows you to get the best you can from the drink. The drinks can be tailored for you, for example, if you hate something they will remove it for you.

Also, their plans are flexible, so you can go for the full-on two week plan or start out with three days to adjust to the change. We like the 5 day Pure Cleanse packed full of boosting green juices- results will be in the form of a trimmed waistline.

Business of Everything Magazine - Reporter

This programme, which is available for as many days as you like, has all the right ingredients for a super-doober health overhaul. Thnk delicious green juices, soothing aloe vera, chaga mushroom tea, vanilla-infused Brazil nut milk and probiotic kefir with tumeric. We followed it for two days (it was easy-peasy and thanks to the milks you don’t really feel that hungry) and felt totally de-bloated and re-energised. We didn’t experience any annoying detox headaches, which was a huge bonus and the emotional ups and downs often experienced on juice cleanses were nowhere to be seen. This is one of the only juice plans we’ve tried where the liquids come in glass bottles, meaning no nasty chemicals leach into your juice.

Natural Health Magazine - Reporter


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