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This 3 day Live Enzyme cleanse dives in deeper. We highly recommend this set programme to facilitate and further support the results of the primary 1 day Live Enzyme programme. By committing to the extra two days, pre + post, you will be relieving your body from prior built up toxins and provide an even better platform for the ezymes to do their job.

The fewer the enzymes in our body, the faster we age; the more enzymes we have the healthier we are.

During this one-day cleanse, the body will rejuvenate and eliminate toxins whilst flooding your body with live probiotics. Along with a combination of enzyme supplements and pre + post cleansing plans, this therapy creates the optimum environment for healing and recovery from the inside out. It offers you the chance to re-programme your digestive system and support you into making long lasting lifestyle changes. Cleansing the body shouldn’t be the end point, but rather the beginning of something new- it creates a wonderful foundation on which to build a new infused habits.

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Fasting therapy has always been used to directly treat and relieve digestive organs. Today, our quality of life, although improved, has had a huge impact on the caliber of our foods and diets. The popular use of industrial pesticides and the large amounts of pollution in our air, water + soil has meant our foods have been affected by high levels of harmful toxins, heavy metals and chemicals that cause disease.

These diseases have then been treated by pharmaceutical, controlling symptoms but not dealing with the original problem. This vicious cycle gradually destroys and exhausts the body’s natural healing properties and leaves our body exhausted and with long term digestive issues. .24 hour fasting therapy gives your body the chance to restore, repair and rest. During this one-day cleanse, the body eliminates toxins and purifies the blood. Used in combination with the enzyme supplements, this therapy creates the optimum environment for healing and recovery from the inside out. This superior cleanse equals a 5 day regular detox cleanse.

Suitable for:
Intermediate/ High Level
(If this is your first time cleansing, please consult one of our specialist)


  • Renewal of Healthy Cells
  • Optimum Gut health
  • Ultimate Skin Vitality
  • Weight Loss
  • Better Digestion & Absorption of food
  • Energy Boosting
  • Mental Clarity
  • Eyesight Health
  • Immunity Boosting
  • Superior Detoxification


DAY 1 + DAY 3

  • AM Green Juice
  • X1 Superfood Shot
  • Midday Broth
  • Afternoon Nut Mylk
  • X1 Kefir
  • Evening Broth


  • X10 Enzyme powder sachets
  • X1  Chewable Enzyme pills
  • X3 Liquid Enzyme bottles
  • X2 Hot Shot + X1 Shot Stuff
  • X1 Thermometer
  • X1 330ml Flask
  • Plus: Epsom Salts Baths + Cleanse Protocol*

(* Home enema kits are available. Please select from the add on if you wish to purchase alongside your cleanse)

Please Note: Cleanse protocol will be provided prior to your cleanse