Ginger + Lemon Sparkling Water Kefir 550ml

Ginger + Lemon Sparkling Water Kefir 550ml | 100% organic

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Our powerful and invigorating Organic Ginger + Lemon Kefir is filled to the brim with 55 billion live cultures, making it a fizzy, delicious and vegan treat that supports and nourishes your gut flora.

The UK’s FIRST dairy-free water kefir, packed full of probiotics.

  • 100% organic, plant-based & vegan
  • Delivered in sustainable glass bottles. We do not use plastic!
  • The perfect fizzy substitute to sip on, or as part of a sophisticated mocktail

Our kefirs should be kept refrigerated and have a minimum shelf life of two weeks.


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This kefir was designed to help support immunity with the antibacterial properties found in lemon and aid muscle recovery with the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger.

The antibacterial properties found in lemon paired with the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger make this drink a perfect immune-boosting, recovery drink that can help with aches and pains as well as your digestion.

All our kefirs include vitamin B2 which contributes to the normal metabolism of iron + B12 that supports the normal function of the immune system and reduction of fatigue.

Key benefits

5 Strains of live cultures
Vegan + Diary-Free
Low Sugar + Calories
High in Vit B2 + B12

Key ingredients

High in vitamin C
Promotes hydration
Aids digestion
Kefir Grains
Improves digestion
Promotes bone health
Reduces inflammation
Ginger Root
Rich in antioxidants
Improves digestion
Reduces inflammation
High in vitamin C
Promotes hydration
Aids digestion

Nutritional information

Nutrients Value Per 100ml
Energy 12 kcal (50kj)
Fat 0.5g
(of which saturates) 0g
Carbohydrates 1 1.7g
(of which sugars) 1g
Protein 0.1g
Salt 0
Vitamin B2 1.68gmg (120% nrv)
Vitamin B12 2.067ug (83% nrv)

Allergy Advice: We handle nuts (may contain traces) and celery on our premises.

*Nutrient Reference Value.

Lightly Carbonated. Each 100ml serving contains 10 billion live culture. Bifidobacterium, Psychraerophilum, Lactobacillus, Satsumensis and Lactobacillua Paracasei.

Full Ingredients List:

Kefir Water (Filtered Water*, Cane Sugar for fermentation, Lemon, Water Kefir Grains – grains are sieved before bottling), Ginger Root (3%), Lemon (0.5%).
*Non-Organic Ingredients

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How to use

Enjoy daily, ideally first thing in the morning to nurture your gut microbiome. Can also be enjoyed through the day as a healthy and refreshing beverage. We could easily drink a whole bottle each day, but just 100ml contains 10 billion live cultures, which your gut and entire body will love. So, if you do feel like sharing, this larger sharing bottle contains up to 5 portions.

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More information

We are female founders, entrepreneurs and mothers who have taken inspiration from our families and friends to create unique, tasty and healthy drinks, that were previously unavailable in the market place and make them accessible to everyone to enjoy on a regular basis.

Our ethos is simple, to help people live healthier lives by using what nature provides us in its most pure and organic form.

We believe that the food and drinks we nurture our body with have a powerful effect on your health, mood and ultimately your quality of life. We care about what you put in your body (and the way it tastes), which is why we ensure that every bottle we produce, is full of only the very best ingredients, plus a little bit of love for good measure.

  • ORGANIC + GMO FREE: We are certified by the Soil Association Organic body of approval, so you can have confidence in knowing our products are pesticide, GMO free and safe!
  • PLANT-BASED: All our products are vegan
  • HEALTHY: All our products have immune boosting and gut loving benefits
  • SUSTAINABLE: All our products are packaged in glass bottles – we don’t use plastic. We really care about the effect of our business on the environment and use fully recyclable packaging.
  • INNOVATIVE: We love creating new products to improve health and are proud to say that some of our products were the first of their kind to launch in the UK.
  • NO-NONSENSE (BUT LOTS OF FUN!) We only add what is necessary for your health and well-being, NO nonsense, NO Nasties and NO preservatives!
  • WE’RE NOT A PRODUCTION LINE: We’re a small dedicated team and we don’t cut corners so everything is handmade with care
  • PERSONALISED SERVICE: We pride ourselves on offering excellent, personal and expert support. You can speak to the people behind the business (Us!), who have created the products.


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