CANDIDA CLEANSE – add on treatment for Alkaline 1 (zero fruit) cleanse


Candida/ Parasite supplement

Add on to your Alkaline 1 cleanse: If you suffer from irritating niggles such as yeast infections, bloating, excess gas, chronic fatigue then you are in need of an advance probiotic multi-strain formula. These work to strengthen your digestive and immune system. Once harmony has been restored and good bacteria begin to flourish your concern will vanish.

Purearth Candida cleanse: Receive a 10 day supply of 5 x 330ml Turmeric kefirs (1/2 bottle daily) ?Diatomaceous earth powder, Bentonite clay/ Psyllium husk

We will send you a Phase 1 diet eating plan ‘Candida diet’ after your cleanse.

We recommend our Alkaline PURE 1 cleanse supporting this programme.

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