If you suffer from irritating niggles such as yeast infections, bloating, excess gas, chronic fatigue + brain fog then you may benefit from an advance probiotic multi-strain formula.

-Please note we only provide this add on with our Alkaline 1 Cleanse-


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Purearth Candida Support Plan –

  • Receive a 10 day supply of 5 x 250ml Turmeric Kefirs (1/2 bottle daily)
  • Diatomaceous Earth Powder
  • Bentonite Clay/ Psyllium Husk

Please Note: We will send you a Phase 1 dieting plan- ‘Candida diet’ after your cleanse.

These work to strengthen your digestive and immune system. Once harmony has been restored and good bacteria begin to flourish your concerns may vanish.


  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Reduces bloating
  • Regulates Digestive health
  • Increases Energy


Candida Treatment Kefir- 

Organic Ingredients: Kefir water (Filtered water*, Cane sugar for fermentation, Lemon, Water kefir grains* – Grains are sieved before bottling), Turmeric