Medicinal Cleanse

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Our Medicinal Cleanse is designed to improve digestion, restore your natural energy, calm your senses and give you a sense of happiness and peace from within. This cleanse makes use of highly potent elixirs and is created using the roots, seeds and berries of various plants, alongside infusions and tonics, Ayurvedic herbs, and our signature cold- pressed juices.
Introducing our new Soup-er-power vegan Broths! Broths are rich in nutrients, light, hearty and jam-packed full of flavour and goodness. We use only the very best, certified organic ingredients available, ensuring that you get the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients possible.
(Choose from add on list) – this broth would replace your PM green juice.
We recommend the Ayurvedic Golden broth.
Benefits: Longevity, Heart Support, Beauty, Vitality, Digestive- Aid, Vitality, Gut health

Typical day Includes:

  • 1x Green Juice 500ml
  • 1x Supercharged Nut Mylk with adaptogens 500ml
  • 1x Nut Mylk 500ml (Variation of flavours)
  • 1x Anytime Aloe 250ml
  • 1x Green PM Juice 500ml or 1x Broth replacement 500ml (chose from add on)
  • 1x Chaga Medicinal Tea
  • 1x Shot 60ml (Variation of flavours)
  • 1x Kefir for once the cleanse is complete 250ml
  • Plus: superfood greens, herbal teas, Epsom salts baths, home enema kit* and activated coconut charcoal powder.



Suitable for:All Levels.

Available for 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 14 days



Add on

Add a superfood enhanced shot for an extra boost. (60ml)

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1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 14


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