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1-7 Days Medicinal Juice Cleanse - 100% organic

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Please note: due to a stock shortage of our Water Kefir, please see below in the "Products Included" section for your replacement gut healthy drink. Image not currently representative of cleanse.
If you are looking to mix up cleanses or booking a longer consecutive cleanse, to ensure the shelf life, nutrients and freshness of the products; please click HERE for more information on how to book.
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This award-winning cleanse makes use of highly potent superfoods, created using an infusion of adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, ayurvedic herbs, tonics and our signature raw cold- pressed juices, designed to help improve overall health and liver function. Satisfying and delicious this cleanse is suitable for all levels, especially if you are looking for boosted energy and stress management.

Reasons to cleanse with Purearth today…

Please note: we are currently out of stock of our Adapt Chaga Tea, so we will be including Four Sigmatic Chaga Mushroom Tea Bags as a replacement. 

For longer cleanses your deliveries will be split to ensure the shelf life, nutrients and freshness of the products; please start your cleanse on your chosen start date as we will organise the deliveries around this. 

For more details on this cleanse and what to expect from it, please see the information below.

This juice cleanse makes use of highly potent elixirs and has been created using roots, adaptogens, seeds and berries of medicinal plants, ayurvedic herbs, and includes our chlorophyll rich signature cold-pressed juices and two plant protein filled nut mylks.

Adaptogens work by relieving stress and altering the body’s response to stressors by then supporting the entire body to function optimally, in turn can improve overall wellbeing, reduce anxiety, and help you to relax.

Typical day on your cleanse


Packed with lush leafy green juices, plant-protein rich nut mylks and adaoptogenic drinks, this cleanse is designed to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, restore your natural energy and calm your senses.

Medicinal daily plan

Please note that the times states are guidelines only. Adjust to your daily routine.

Please note: Sparkling Water Kefir and Wellness Shot flavours may vary.

1 kefir will be provided to drink at the end of your cleanse, before your first solid meal.

Please note: we are currently out of stock of our Adapt Chaga Tea, so we will be including Four Sigmatic Chaga Mushroom Tea Bags as a replacement. 

Please note: we are currently out of stock of our Charcoal Supplement, so this will not be included in the supplement pack.

Please note: Do not freeze any of our products.

Products included


1 x Green AM Juice (550ml)

1 x Midday Cashew Nut Mylk (550ml)

1 x Afternoon Nut Mylk (550ml)**

1 x Sparkling Water Kefir** (270ml) – Due to low stock levels of kefir during the month of August, your daily kefir will be replaced with a cold-pressed juice, Our updated daily cleanse guide can be found on your order confirmation. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

1 x Wellness Shot (60ml)*

1 x Green Evening Juice (550ml)

1 x Chaga Medicinal Tea (270ml) Please note: we are currently out of stock of our Adapt Chaga Tea, so we will be including Four Sigmatic Chaga Mushroom Tea Bags as a replacement. 

1 x Sparkling Water Kefir for once the cleanse is complete

Plus: Superfood Greens Powder, Herbal Teas, Magnesium Bath Salts. Please note: we are currently out of stock of our Charcoal Supplement, so this will not be included in the supplement pack.

**Please note that due to availability of ingredients these options can vary.

Key benefits

Immune Boosting
Stress Relief
Vegan + Certified Organic

Key ingredients

Leafy greens
Packed with minerals
Packed with vitamins
Low in calories
High in fibre
Helps blood pressure
Reduce hunger
Improves digestion
Reduces inflammation
Lowers blood sugar
Fighting inflammation
Lowering blood sugar
Lowering cholesterol

Nutritional information

Nutrients Value Per Day
Energy 3,758kj, 907kcal
Fat 64g
(of which saturates) 0.06g
Carbohydrates 1 47g
(of which sugars) 36g
Protein 13g
Salt 0g

Allergy Advice: Contains almonds and cashew nuts, may contain other nuts and celery as used on the premises.

This Cleanse is a natural source of: Vit C, Folic Acid, Potassium, Iron + Manganese.

Please note: Do not freeze any of our products.

Full Ingredients List:

Morning Juice: Cucumber, Apple, Fennel, Spinach, Kale, Lemon, Parsley.

Midday Cacao Cashew Nut Mylk: Filtered water*, Cashew nuts (8%), Dates, Cacao powder, Reishi, Icelandic sea salt* 

Afternoon Nut Mylk: Filtered water*, Almond nuts (10%), Turmeric root, Ginger root, Icelandic sea salt*.

Evening Juice: Cucumber, Apple, Fennel, Spinach, Kale, Lemon, Parsley, Coriander, Lime, Ginger root, Cayenne pepper, Icelandic sea-salt*. Please note: we are currently out of stock of our Evening Green Juice, so it will be substituted with a Midday Green Juice; please use one Midday Green Juice in place of the Evening Green Juice on the daily plan, INGREDIENTS: Midday Juice:Celery, Cucumber, Pear, Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Lemon juice, Ginger root.

Chaga Tea: Filtered water* Chaga, Vanilla. Please note: we are currently out of stock of our Adapt Chaga Tea, so we will be including Four Sigmatic Chaga Mushroom Tea Bags as a replacement; ingredients: Chaga powder extract (50%), Anise (seed), Mint (leaf), Licorice (root), Stevia (leaf).

One of our Kefir flavours: variations found here.

*Non-organic ingredients.

Turmeric + Ginger Shot: Turmeric juice (34%)*, Filtered water, Lime juice*, Ginger juice (13%)*, Coconut blossom*, Black pepper oil*. *Certified organic.

Show Full Ingredients List

How to use

The cleanses are designed as a full programme so you will have absolutely everything you need whilst on the cleanse. We also include with your delivery, a guide that will take you through your cleanse and how to complete each stage of the process. We recommend that you do not eat whilst conducting your cleanse and we highly recommend that you read our advice around 'breaking the cleanse' and getting back to your normal routine. Please note: Do not freeze any of our products.

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Cleanse Information

We will always try to meet customer requests, but please note our order and production system is fully automated so any changes to an order once it has been processed will carry a £3 admin charge.

Furthermore, if an order is already locked into our production system (normally 4pm the day before it is produced, i.e. a Thursday delivery is locked Tuesday 4pm) we will be unable to make a change.

If you wanted to book a longer cleanse, please either get in touch at [email protected] and we would be happy to help you with your order, or place the consecutive orders in separate orders as our system will automatically work out your deliveries based off your start date and postcode.

i.e. if you wanted to do a 14 day cleanse starting on the 2nd, book one 7 day cleanse to start on the 2nd and then one 7 day cleanse in a separate order to start on the 9th.

Something on your mind? If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please visit our FAQs Page

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Delivery Charges

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Delivery Terms & Conditions

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You are responsible for making suitable arrangements to receive your delivery and giving us appropriate instructions.

In the event that your delivery is stolen from your doorstep or other place specified to us or damaged while there, we do not accept liability and will offer compensation only at our discretion.

If we are unable to deliver to the address that you have given to us for any reason, we will attempt to contact you to make other arrangements – we reserve the right to charge you for your cleanse programme in this event.

If we are unable to deliver to you or for reasons beyond our control, for example adverse weather conditions, vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion or road works we cannot accept liability for any inconvenience or loss this causes.

We will not charge you for products that we have not delivered in accordance with these terms and conditions.

We are not obliged to accommodate late changes to your delivery address.

Yes, juice cleansing is a fast, effective and safe way to detoxify the body and increase your vitality and overall wellbeing. It nourishes you at a cellular level by allowing the body to release toxins and reach its perfect state of balance and harmony.

We recommend that you prepare for your body at least 2/3 days prior to starting to make the transition easier on your body and incur less to none detox symptoms.

Generally, we are able to get your cleanse to you within 24 -48 hours of placing an order, but this will vary on your location. Once you put your postcode in at the checkout the calendar will show you all of our available start dates. In your confirmation email you will also then receive a breakdown of all your deliveries.

After you book, you’ll receive a preparation guide from us. If you have any medical concerns, please do let us know. It is important to cut out processed foods, alcohol, animal and soya products, sugar and caffeine before embarking on this journey.

Whilst we recommend doing 4 longer cleanses a year, it really depends on your lifestyle and health needs and these vary from person to person. Our 1-3 day cleanse plans work brilliantly as a boost between longer cleanses and are a great way to revive the body and boost your energy levels, especially if you’re feeling sluggish, suffering from digestive issues, want to feel lighter or to help reset healthier eating habits.

We recommend 5-6 days for a longer deeper cleanse to reset your system. Fewer days work well to give your body a rest and time to heal or if you are a first time cleanser.

So much of the time our bodies are fighting off our toxic behaviours, contaminated environment, and poor food choices (packaged processed food, foods with additives, etc). When you give your body a break, you’ll see regular symptoms like headaches, general aches, congested sinuses, fatigue, rashes, bloating/cramping/gas start to go away. Often people report physical, emotional and life changing benefits. Most experience increased energy, loss of excess weight, healthier skin and joyfulness, and many clients also see their aches and pains vanish and their hormones become balanced. Feeling more connected with others, become empowered and increased vitality and zest for life are additional benefits experienced by many.

We use ONLY glass because it retains the flavour and richness of the veggies and fruits in our juices, as well as all our other ranges. It just tastes better in glass, plain and simple. There are absolutely no harmful chemicals in glass, so nothing ever leak into our products.

We feel very strongly about protecting our planet and the environmentally friendly properties of glass play help us make a small contribution. It is 100% recyclable and reusable, where as even those plastics which are recyclable (which many are not! due to the chemical make-up or cross-contamination), cannot be turned into new bottles. Sanitised, ours can be re-used over and over again.

Our award-winning Woolcool inserts are an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene which is sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable and is made up of 100% pure sheep’s wool.

Thank you for helping us stay green by recycling your packaging + keeping our earth pure. Respecting the planet is important to us and we strive to use the cleanest sustainable packaging possible throughout the business.

DAY 1-2

The first two days are likely to be the most challenging as toxins start to shift and your body adapts. You may experience symptoms such as headaches (particularly if your body is experiencing caffeine withdrawal) aching muscles, flu-like symptoms and sweating. These are actually good signs that indicate your body is beginning the cleansing process and trying to heal. Preparing ahead of the cleanse by reducing or eliminating caffeine, and eating a lighter vegan diet can help to reduce these symptoms.                                                                                                                         

DAY 3-4                                                                                                    

By day 3 the detox symptoms should start to diminish, and you will start to feel lighter, more energised and clearer in mind and body. The deeper cleansing process of autolysis starts. This is when your body starts to selectively decompose cells which are diseased, damaged, aged or dead and starts to produce new cells, which are full of energy, producing long lasting benefits.

DAY 5 +

Expect to feel fully tuned into your body, eliminating all forms of digestive discomfort and helping reduce inflammation. Your mind will feel clear and collected, you may even cleanse on an emotional level releasing pent up negative energy. Expect healthy weight loss as your body decomposes cells in excess and renews on a cellular level.  Cleansing is a great way to kick-start a healthy eating regime, feeling fuelled with long-lasting energy!

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