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Meet Mini Magical Me. In a nutshell: I?ve been created to help shield kids from environmental toxins as I absorb air impurities, chemicals & poisons. I am also packed with Vitamin C and E super berries which are not only antioxidant rich but also help protect the cells from oxidative stress.

Developed for kids, this tasty antioxidant rich shot helps boost our little one?s immunity due to the high amount of Vitamin C and E sourced from sea buckthorn berries and dragon fruit. The added apple juice makes it extra yummy. The activated Coconut Charcoal has high absorption power, traps harmful toxins and chemicals and safely escorts them out of the body.

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Ingredients: Apple juice*, Sea buckthorn berries*, dragonfruit*, Activated coconut charcoal


5 -45 days (HPP in plastic bottles)

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