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Experience an all new superior cleansing therapy with our new 1 day Live Enzyme cleanse.

Fasting therapy has always been used to directly treat and relieve digestive organs. Today, our quality of life, although improved, has had a huge impact on the quality of our foods and diets. The popular use of industrial pesticides and the large amounts of pollution in our air, water and soil has meant our foods have been affected by high levels of harmful toxins, heavy metals and chemicals that cause disease. These dis-eases have then been treated by pharmaceutical, controlling symptoms but not the original problem. This vicious cycle gradually destroys and exhausts the body’s natural healing properties and leaves us with more problems long term.

24 hour fasting therapy gives your body the chance to restore, repair and rest. During this one-day cleanse, the body eliminates toxins and purifies the blood without harm. Used in combination with the enzyme supplements, this therapy creates the optimum environment for healing and recovery from the inside out. This superior cleanse equals a 5 day regular detox cleanse.

“This is the next level of cleansing!”                                                                                                                  Tenna Anette, Co-Founder of Purearth

“Damp is excess body fluid, or mucous that its sticky and obstructive. It coats the insides and can impair the functioning of the organs as well as cloud the mind.
This cleanse is one of the most effective ways I’ve seen to clear Damp.”
Ross J Barr, Acupuncturist

The Ultimate goal:
-Renewal of new and healthy cells
-Gut health & Cleansing of Parasites
-Skin health
-Weight loss
-Better digestion & Absorption of food
-Energy boost
-Mental clarity
-Eye health
-Immunity boost

Typical day Includes:

  • x 10 Enzyme powder sachets
  • x 1  Chewable Enzyme pills
  • x 3 Liquid Enzyme bottles
  • x 1 Hot Shot / x 1 Shot Stuff
  • x 4 Mixed pack Water Kefir
  • x 1 Detox Broth (Lemongrass + Sea vegetables and Lime infused Vegan Broth)
  • x 1 Thermometer
  • x 1 300ml Flask
  • x 1 Enema Kit (*add on: apple cider vinegar shot)
  • Plus: Epsom Salts Baths + Organic Candle + Cleanse Protocol

Suitable for:
Intermediate/ High Level
(If this is your first time cleansing, please consult one of our specialist)

Purearth tip:
Please note this cleanse should be done on a day where you are able to rest!




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