You kefir our love alive – Sparkling Coconut kefir (non-dairy)


Are You Ready to Join the Culture Club?

Our dairy free water kefirs are a modern take on an ancient wonder thats been consumed for thousand of years, across the world.

We combine all its feel-good properties with delicious tastes, to make you feel great, inside and out.

Our unique water kefir ensures maximum potency and vitality.

Organic Ingredients: Filtered Water, Coconut Water, Cane Sugar (for fermentation), Water Kefir Grains (grains are sieved before bottling)

Keep refrigerated, shelf life 28 days

Nutritional info    Typical values per 100ml

Energy                           61.2kj / 14.4kcal

Fat                                  0.5g

Carbohydrates             3.6g

of which are sugars     1.6g

Protein                           0.1g

Salt                                  0g

Vit B2 (Riboflavin)       16.8g

B12 Vitamins                 2070µg

Our kefir guarantee: 

-Low sugar, low calorie, dairy free, vegan

-No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

-100% raw and non GMO

-Naturally fermented with billions of live cultures

-Infused with organic cold pressed juices

-A great alternative if lactose intolerant

-Lively, fizzy & naturally refreshing



Help shield your little ones from environmental toxins with our latest drink.

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